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AC/DC is an Australian hard rock band that was founded in Sydney in 1973. The group quickly became one of the biggest in the world and achieved massive commercial and artistic success. Throughout their career, the band has released numerous albums, several of which have gone multi-platinum.

AC/DC is known for their distinctive sound, which is based on a powerful, rhythmic guitar riff and the vocals of Bon Scott and Brian Johnson. Their songs are full of energy and rock and roll frenzy, and AC/DC concerts are always a major event.

If you're a fan of AC/DC and want to see them live, be sure to keep an eye out for ticket releases. Due to the high demand for their concerts, tickets often sell out quickly, so it's important to be prepared and ready to act when new opportunities to purchase them become available.

At an AC/DC concert, you can expect a burst of energy and rock and roll madness. The band always gives their all during their performances, and their songs are full of power and emotion. If you love hard rock music and want to feel the thrill of a live concert, you won't be disappointed by an AC/DC show.

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