Genesis - one of the best-selling recording bands of all time and one of the most famous British music groups. Genesis has sold approximately 100 million albums and has played in sold-out stadiums and arenas around the world for decades. The evolution of Genesis is unique, their sound has progressed and developed throughout the band's career, and with numerous line-up changes in the early years, the classic trio of Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford took shape in 1976.

Tony, Phil and Mike reunited in 2007 after nearly 10 years on the Turn It On Again Tour which became one of the biggest and most profitable tours of 2007 with stadiums sold out all over the world.

The Last Domino? Tour is another reunion of the band. Nic Collins, Phil's son, on drums and longtime guitarist and bassist of the band - Daryl Stuermer, joined the line-up. Before these great events, we present you the top 10 Genesis songs.

1. Land of Confusion

The third single from Genesis's 13th studio album - Invisible Touch from 1986. The song is especially famous for its video. The music clip for the song shows caricatures of the band members as mascots from the TV show Spitting Image. Land Of Confusion was also covered by the band Disturbed, which released their harsher, more metal version of the song in 2006. It turned out to be a hit worthy of the success of the original.

2. Jesus He Knows Me

The fourth single from the group's 14th studio album, 1991's We Can't Dance. The song is a satire of televangelism. It was released at a time when several TV evangelists such as Jimmy Swaggart, Robert Tilton and Jim Bakker were questioned for abuses. They promised financial success to their listeners, provided that they sent them money earlier.

3. Invisible Touch

Title track and the first single from the 1986 album. This is the favorite Genesis song of Phil Collins, the band's vocalist. The song was written during one of the band's jam sessions and initially it was not believed to be a commercial success. The song is included in many live compilations of the band, including the re-release of the live album - Invisible Touch (Live) from 1992.

4. I Can’t Dance

The second single from a similarly titled release - We Can't Dance. The song topped European charts. It also received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals. Genesis interim singer Ray Wilson from 1996-98 continued to play the song live in his solo shows after leaving the band.

5. Follow You Follow Me

The first single from the group's ninth studio album ...And Then There Were Three... from 1978. It is a love ballad that was written specifically to restore balance as the band felt their music attracted a predominantly male audience. Genesis guitarist Mike Rutherford wrote the lyrics supposedly in 10 minutes.

6. That’s All

The second single from the group's 12th studio self-titled album from 1983. The music video for the song shows the band members as homeless men who have taken refuge in an abandoned factory. They perform a song, eat soup, play cards and warm up by the fireplace. It was the first Genesis music video to be produced by director Jim Yukich. Later, he directed most of the band's subsequent clips, as well as many of Collins' solo videos.

7. Hold On My Heart

Third single from We Can't Dance album. The music video shows the band playing in an empty nightclub. It is somewhat reminiscent of the clip of Collins' solo release from 1985 - One More Night. When the music in the video slows down, the members of Genesis seem to be moving in slow motion, similarly to the video for The Police's Wrapped Around Your Finger.

8. Mama

The first single from the self-titled album of the band. This is Genesis’ song with the best results in Great Britain - 4th place on the UK Singles Chart. Former band member Steve Hackettadmitted in one interview that it was his favorite composition of Genesis. The meaning of the song's lyrics aroused a lot of controversy and ambiguity. Even the band manager himself thought it was about abortion when he first heard the song. As it turned out, the words are the young man's longing for a prostitute older than him.

9. In Too Deep

Single from Invisible Touch album. The song was very well received in America, taking 3rd place on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was included in the soundtracks of two films - American Psycho from 2000 and Mona Lisa from 1986. Interestingly, the song was played only at concerts promoting the album - Invisible Touch Tour in North America.

10. Firth Of Fifth

A track from Genesis's fifth studio album, Selling England by the Pound from 1973. It is a staple of the concert set lists throughout the band's career. The song won critical acclaim and is considered one of the best examples of progressive rock. The guitar solo of the band's guitarist at the time, Steve Hackett, became one of the favorites among Genesis fans.

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