Pearl Jam are a band playing music on the border of grungeand rock, formed in 1990 in Seattle. Apart from Alice in Chains, Nirvanaand Soundgarden, they are included in the so-called "Big Four from Seattle". It should be added that Pearl Jam remains the only band from the Four whose lead vocalist is still alive...

The classic saying that Metallica ended on Kill All applies as much as possible here - Pearl Jam ended on Ten. And it's a bit hard to disagree with that as most of the band's best songs come from this debut album. We present you subjective Top Ten songs but not only from the album Ten.

1. Alive

Debut single from Pearl Jam's debut album - Ten from 1991. Written by guitarist Stone Gossard, the song was primarily an instrumental entitled Dollar Shortand was put on a demo tape circulating in hopes of finding a frontman for the group. Vocalist Eddie Vedderreceived a copy of the tape and wrote a lyrics that describes a somewhat fictional account of the time he was told that the man he believed was his father was not his biological parent. The video for the song is a black and white live recording of the Pearl Jam concert in Seattle in 1991. The music video was even nominated for the MTV Video Music Awards for Best Alternative Video.

2. Jeremy

The third single from the album Ten. Writing the lyrics for the song, Vedder was inspired by an article he read in the newspaper about Jeremy Wade Delle - a high school student who shot himself in front of his English class on January 8, 1991. The song gained popularity thanks to the regular music video which is rare for Pearl Jam, especially in their early years. The video for Jeremy won 4 MTV Video Music Awards, including Best Video of the Year (1992).

3. Even Flow

The second single from the album Ten. The song took 3rd place on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. It was also included in the compilation of Pearl Jam's greatest hits - Rearviewmirror (Greatest Hits 1991–2003). The remixed version of the single was also included in the 2009 re-edition of Ten. The video for the song is, like in the case of Alive, the recording of the 1992 concert in Seattle.

4. Black

The fifth track also from the band's debut release - Ten. The song achieved huge commercial success (3rd on Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks) despite not being released as a single. Admittedly, the band's label - Epic Records - insisted on it but Pearl Jam declined, citing the song's personal nature. Like Even Flow, the track was later featured on the Rearviewmirrorcompilation and the re-release of Ten, becoming one of Pearl Jam's most popular and fan-loved songs. The music video for Black was not made.

5. Last Kiss

The original performer of the song is Wayne Cochran, however also Pearl Jam decided to do their own version of the song. And it must be said that they succeeded in it! The band covered the song in 1999 for the charity album No Boundaries: A Benefit for the Kosovar Refugees. Later, the song was also released on a 2-disc compilation titled Lost Dogs from 2003. The song particularly caught on in the Australian, Canadian and English charts.

6. Lightning Bolt

Title track from Pearl Jam's 10th studio album from 2013. One of the band's more rock albums. Its lyrics, written by Eddie Vedder, tell of his reflections on aging and death. The sonic return to the beginning of the band's activity allowed Lightning Bolt to achieve commercial success and recognition among critics.

7. Sirens

Second single from the above-mentioned Lighting Bolt album (2013). The song was inspired by one of Roger Waters' concerts during The Wall Live Tour. Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready said after watching the show that he would like to create something in Pink Floyd style. The lyrics to the song, classically written by Vedder, are about his fear of death and his fears for future generations.

8. Yellow Ledbetter

A song that did not find its place on the album Tenbut was recorded as B-side of Jeremy. The song finally hit the radio ranking 21 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. The song was also on the compilation of B-side songs - Lost Dogsand on the greates hits Rearviewmirror album. The song is one of the first songs Pearl Jam wrote together as a band. The title of the song was inspired by Vedder's friend Tim Ledbetter.

9. Just Breathe

Second single from the band's 9th studio album - Backspacerfrom 2009. The song has appeared in a number of films and television productions. It also took 5th place on the Billboard Rock chart and 6th place on the Billboard Alternative. The video for Just Breathe is a live recording of one of the band's concerts. The song was inspired by a chord from Tuolumne, Vedder's solo project for 2007's movie Into the Wild.

10. Infallible

The sixth track from Lighting Bolt did not get the music video. Like the entire album, the song is a reflection on the present world order. Vedder laments between the lines about the rulers deliberately obstructing social progress (keep on locking your doors, keep on building your floors, keep on just as before). Definitely a song with a message, we heartily recommend!

Pearl Jam, despite the definite advantage of their debut album over the rest of their music, have a lot to offer!

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