The Rolling Stones need no introduction. They are one of the most iconic rock bands in history, and their music has left an indelible mark on the world. With countless hits in their extensive discography, it's no easy task to pick just ten songs that encapsulate the essence of The Rolling Stones. However, after much contemplation and debate, here's our list of the top 10 songs by this legendary British rock 'n' roll band:

  1. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction": This song needs no introduction; it's an anthem for generations and an absolute classic.
  2. "Paint It Black": Known for its distinctive sitar riff, this song is a captivating journey into the darker side of rock.
  3. "Angie": A beautiful ballad showcasing Mick Jagger's emotional vocals and Keith Richards' exceptional guitar work.
  4. "Gimme Shelter": The haunting vocals of Merry Clayton complement Jagger's in this intense and powerful track.
  5. "Sympathy for the Devil": A masterclass in storytelling and musicianship, this song continues to captivate listeners.
  6. "Start Me Up": With its iconic riff, this song is a must-play at any Stones concert.
  7. "Brown Sugar": This is a true rock 'n' roll classic, with a catchy chorus and unforgettable melody.
  8. "Wild Horses": A song filled with emotion and vulnerability that showcases The Rolling Stones' softer side.
  9. "Ruby Tuesday": A melodic and poetic track that stands the test of time.
  10. "Jumpin' Jack Flash": This high-energy, guitar-driven song has an irresistible groove that gets everyone moving.

These songs represent just a fraction of the incredible music The Rolling Stones have created over the years. If you haven't already, make sure to catch one of The Rolling Stones concert to experience the magic firsthand. For information on upcoming concerts, be sure to check out TimeForGig. The Rolling Stones continue to rock the world, and their live shows are legendary in their own right. Don't miss out!