The Proclaimers

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The Proclaimers are a Scottish folk-rock band consisting of twin brothers Charlie and Craig Reid. They are particularly known for their driving guitar riffs and distinctive accents. The Proclaimers were founded in 1983 and have since released many albums which have been very successful in Scotland and beyond. One of their most well-known songs is "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)", which was released in 1988 and became a worldwide hit.

The Proclaimers regularly tour Europe and North America, offering consistently exciting concerts with their energetic stage presence. If you want to see The Proclaimers live, you should buy tickets early as their concerts tend to sell out quickly. It is also worth regularly checking the TimeForGig website for upcoming concerts.

A lesser known fact about The Proclaimers is that they are politically active and advocate for social justice. For example, they have supported Scottish independence and are opponents of nuclear power. They frequently address political themes in their songs, expressing their beliefs.

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